It's Time to Take your Retirement Planning to the Next Level? 

Social Security Optimization

Highly paid professionals have unique retirement savings needs.  Find out if Kia-Zen may be a solution to your grow your retirement possibilities...

Kia-Zen has an asset protection feature that prevents beneficiaries and potential creditors (including previous spouses) from gaining direct access to assets within the strategy, while you are living.

Dean Statler


What You’ll Get During This 

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Before Appointment:

In order to efficiently serve you, we ask that you please supply some limited information to allow us to properly prepare for our time together.  We also encourage you to review a couple of videos before we meet.  These videos provide a foundation on how a Kai-Zen plan may help fill a need in your retirement or estate plan.

Appointment Expectations:

Because you have supplied the limited required information, we will be reviewing a draft of a plan that is based on the numbers that you have supplied.

Kai-Zen is a powerful tool, but may not be the best tool to accomplish your goals. 

If you have an interest in continuing the conversation, we will move to the next step to ask underwriting for an approval.  Once you decide on a plan that fits your needs, we will enroll you in the plan.

After Appointment:

Shortly after enrolling in a plan, you will receive access to the plan portal and be able to print a copy of your benefits ID Card. 

Start using your plan upon the effective date.

About Dean Statler

Dean is a FINRA Registered Investment Advisor Representative and an independent Life Insurance and Annuity broker, representing numerous established companies.  

Financial Obstacles Facing Executives

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High Income Earners have unique obstacles to preparing for retirement while maintaining the lifestyle they expect to provide for their families.


Inability to save sufficiently for retirement.

If you are over 40 you should be savings abut 1/3 of your income, most high income earners are currently saving 9% (source: Observation)

Kai-Zen Solution:

Using Kai-Zen provides you the opportunity to add up to 3 times more money to your savings strategy today.  The additional money gets you closer to what you should be savings to maintain your lifestyle in retirement, without the additional cash drain on your current budget.


An unplaned medical emergency

A 65-year-old retiring today has a 70% probability of needing long term care in retirement costing $277,000 (source:  US Department of Labor)

Kai-Zen Solution:

Option to provide you with cash that can be used to help cover expenses due to a chronic or terminal illness protecting your savings from the devastation of an unplanned medical emergency.


Market Declines

We just don't know when it will come or how severe it may be.  That makes it important to have a strategy in place to protect your retirement income. (source:  Forbes)

Kai-Zen Solution:

Offers you the potential for growth in a market index while providing protection from market declines.  Once potential gains are credited, they can never decrease due to market losses.


An Increase in Taxes

Estimates are that income taxes will double by 2033 (source:  Congressional Budget Office)

Kai-Zen Solution:

Can provide you a hedge against increased taxes by utilizing policy loans that provide distributions from your plan tax free.

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Roll up our sleeves and come up with a plan that makes sense!