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What Is SOFA? 

SOFA is a nationwide nonprofit organization with the mission to end financial illiteracy across America, one community at a time.

SOFA is comprised of various working financial professionals who volunteer a Pro Bono service to their communities by conducting free financial educational workshops and seminars to companies, churches, and other organizations.  

Non-Profit Working Within USA

Founded in 1993, SOFA has had the opportunity and privilege to work with various prominent companies and organizations across America.

Proven Success In USA 

 Their educational financial outreach, and years of continued success, has provided them with name recognition and a reputation of excellence 

Empowering Education 

SOFA workshops are designed to educate, inspire, and empower individuals to take better control of their financial lives. Often, this empowerment comes back to the organizer – and organization - in the form of goodwill and higher morale.  

Satisfy Erisa (DOL) 404 (c) 

For organizations with retirement plans, SOFA helps satisfy Erisa (DOL) 404 (c) requirements to further educate and help employees better manage their retirement. They offer over 30 educational topics which can be viewed here: 

Presentations Offered By SOFA 

SHRM Focused 

Social Security Explained 

PDCs: 2

Social Security is a “Must Add” to anyone who is doing their Retirement Planning. There are over 500 plus options to choose from. The impact of making a wrong choice may cost one tens of thousands of dollars!

Medicare and Planning Long Term Care 

PDCs: 2

Anyone turning 65 should know about their eligibility to obtain Medicare. A key point to determine: is Medicare the right choice for your needs? As well, issues of one's ageing sets up the topic of handleing the Long Term Care dilemma.

Retirement Income Planning 

PDCs: 2

Going into one's Retirement, without having enough Income, or having the fear of running out is an on-going dilemma for most Americans. This course addresses the impending realities of sustaining one’s lifestyle, while departing from the workplace.

Our Behavior- Initiator to Our Choices  

PDCs: 2

This course drills down into one’s behavior. It points out why we don’t plan, especially when it is involving our Finances, Estate, and Taxes. This program looks at Addictive Behavior.

Transitioning Out of Darkness... Dealing with Death or Divorce from Employee's Perspective 

PDCs: 3

This course brings to light what exactly befalls a valued Employee in the event of Death of one's Spouse or a Divorce. It explains the issues of grief and "going solo", and the incredible issues and responsibilities put upon them-the impact on not only the Company, but the burden placed upon the HR Executive.

Tax Efficiency In Retirement 

PDCs: 2- Completed During March 24, 2022 St. Lucie HR Association Lunch 

While most Americans understand the annual “sacrifice” to their income in paying Income Taxes, this program specifically goes into how to maximize one’s Income while reducing their Tax burden in their Retirement years.

If you would like SOFA and Dean to host a FREE workshop at your company or organization 

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SOFA- The Society for Financial Awareness is a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Public Benefit corporation. Our mission is to provide Financial Education across America and end Financial Illiteracy, one community at a time. We do this through informational workshops presented to companies, Organizations, and Human Resource Professionals nationwide. These events are designed to inform and help attendees understand and address a variety of Financial topics and concerns. We are a proud Recertification Provider and National Member of SHRM- The Society of Human Resource Management, offering new PDC-backed courses designed for Human Resource Executives.