We Are Pathway To Retire 

We strive to put our clients needs first. Driving to expand their finical scope, plans and knowledge to create the best financial plans. 

Our Company Mission

Our mission drives us to do everything possible to expand our client’s financial scope, plans, and knowledge. We do that by focused plans built specifically for each client and their lifestyle. We update their plans for whatever happens in their lives, and by making sure our clients are put first before anything else.  Listed below are our Company Values which we hope will give you a better understanding of how we operate.

Pathway To Retire Values 

People Matter 

We believe that each person is innately valuable and worthy of the utmost respect and honor. We believe that relationships and business are meant to go together. We put people first and then money second is a priority statement within our Pathway to Retire team. It is this statement that places people and relationships ahead of financial matters.

Integrity Matters

We believe that integrity and truth matter. We believe we must conduct our business in a way that puts suitability, and ethical practices as a center stone in our daily work. It is a matter of us placing a high value on our clients and what their needs are before considering our own.

Communication Matters 

We believe that communication with our clients, and partners builds and maintains trust and transparency that is necessary for our business relationships to reach their full potential. We believe that our clients deserve a communication style that is frequent, timely, truthful, and relevant.

Service Matters 

We believe that good service is practical and exceptional service is necessary for the pursuit of business excellence. We are here to provide you the best possible financial advice and knowledge throughout every stage of your life and help pave the path towards your financial future.

Time is now


Custom Financial Plans

We create custom financial plans that work for your lifestyle. After all, everyone is going through different things in their life, whether it is marriages, children, college, grandchildren, divorce or finally retiring & legacy planning. 

Partner You Can Count On

We are a passion driven team with a deep understanding of your needs, now and in the future. Providing you with solutions that will fit your financial goals. 

Client Centric 

At the cornerstone of your business are the four values by which we guide our decisions, shape our culture, and commit to the success of our clients. 

Meet Your Financial Advisor

Dean Statler: Your Partner in Tax- Efficient Retirement Income and Legacy Planning

Meet Dean Statler, a seasoned Tax-Efficient Retirement Income Strategist with a passion for empowering individuals to secure their financial futures during their retirement years. With a wealth of experience and expertise in the field, Dean is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions that optimize retirement income while strategically minimizing tax obligations.

Navigating Retirement Income, Tax Strategies, and Legacy Planning:

Dean's expertise extends beyond Retirement Income and Tax Strategies. He recognizes that planning for the future also involves preserving your legacy and maximizing the impact you leave behind. Dean's holistic approach ensures that his clients' financial goals align with their desire to create a meaningful legacy for their loved ones and causes they hold dear.

What Sets Dean Apart:

  1. Expertise: Dean leverages his team of experts with years of specialized experience to craft sophisticated strategies that align with his clients' retirement goals, tax efficiency, and legacy aspirations.
  2. Personalized Approach: Understanding that no two retirements or legacies are the same, Dean takes the time to understand your financial landscape, preferences, and aspirations, ensuring his recommendations resonate with your unique circumstances.
  3. Tax Efficiency: With a keen eye on maximizing both after-tax income and legacy value, Dean's team implements strategies that not only generate tax-efficient income but also preserve and enhance your legacy.
  4. Secure Future: Dean's guidance is about more than just financial advice; it's about ensuring a secure and fulfilling retirement while leaving a lasting legacy that reflects your values.

Family at the Core:

Dean values family deeply. He's a proud parent to three adult children, Dean Jr., Brooke, and Samuel, who have given him the blessing of seven grandchildren.  A strong family foundation drives Dean's commitment to ensuring your financial security and leaving a lasting legacy for your loved ones.

Experience Dean's Dedication:

Connect with Dean Statler today to embark on your journey toward a secure and fulfilling retirement and to maximize your legacy's impact. With Dean as your guide, you'll benefit from his unparalleled knowledge, commitment to client success, and a strategic approach that paves the way for financial freedom and meaningful legacy planning. Take the first step towards a retirement and legacy that reflect your dreams and aspirations by partnering with Dean Statler. Your future awaits – and it's brighter than ever before.

Dean Statle- Financial Planner

Plan For Your Future-Financial Planning 

There is no best place to put your retirement money because every individual and couple has unique requirements, tolerances for risks and will need access to their money at different times. This is also why there is no one place to keep your money, which is why each client’s lifestyle must be taken into consideration when coming up with their financial plan. This is where we can be of service.